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Artists of Distinction

Ridgway Rendezvous 


2017 Awards for Ridgway Rendezvous
Art & Craft Festival


Best In Show:  

Michael Bonds

Studio MB



Mayor's Award

Meg Harper

Mixed Media


Best Fine Artist:  

Carmel Walden

Walden Watercolors


Best Demonstration:

Lucy Boody

Fiber Arts


Best Booth:

Brian Crandall

Loma, CO



 Special Award

Bill Wilson



Weehawken Volunteer of the Year Award:



Bath Products:

1st Place: Jessica Colvin, Pure Suds Co

2nd Place: David & Cheryl Lehman, Earth Drop Soaps

3rd Place: Rebecca Bruce, 123 Shea Butter


1st Place: Lori Raper, Musicalmud

2nd Place: Deborah Hagar, Clay by Nature

3rd Place: John Hamilton III


Fiber Art:

1st Place: Jennifer Pate, Quilt Ranch

2nd Place: Naweeya Omar, Tiny Elephant

3rd Place: Peg Wood, Pinon Wood Ranch Fibers



1st Place: Randy & Terry Romanin, Mountain Mosaics

2nd Place: Signe Statter & Sandra Hason, Western Textured Stain Glass

3rd Place: Deborah Davenport, Glassique Quilts



1st Place: Diana Tap, The Zesty Moose

1st Place: Dale Carter, Homemade by Dale

2nd Place: Mike & Catherine Lamb, Nutz about Nuts



1st Place: Sandy Harris Murphy, Murphy Originals, LLC

2nd Place: Ace McCastland, Studio Luna Verde

3rd Place: Virginia Fox, Orana Designs, My Grandmas Old Dishes



1st Place: Lorie Kerr

2nd Place: Darren Miller, Jarmac, Inc.

3rd Place: M& J Krob, Reflections in Metal


Mixed Media:

1st Place: Henry Bergeson, Kaleidoscope

2nd Place: Marie Moise, Core Gallery

3rd Place: Jennifer Ghormley



1st Place: Shirley& Deb, Pine Needle Creations

2nd Place: Lauri Schell, The Nest

3rd Place: John Person, Bitterrootblades


Painting Oil Based:

1st Place: Julie Hoff, Julie Pace Hoff Studio

2nd Place: Steven Boyd, Art on the Wild Side

3rd Place: George Coll, George Coll Fine Art


Painting Water Based:

1st Place: Kelley Sullivan

2nd Place: Suzanne Simmons, Rainy Day Illustrations

3rd Place: Alexandra Hall, Art by Alexandra Hall



1st Place: Tim DePuydt Photography

2nd Place: Glenn Lewis Photography

3rd Place: Robin Wadhams Photography



1st Place: Gary Chaffin, Art Wire Graphics

2nd Place: Gary Engholm


Wearable Art:

1st Place: Cyndi Buck Design

2nd Place: Terrie Chugg, Healing Heart Design 

3rd Place: Dinah Lee, Gallery of Wearable Art



1st Place: Kevin DesPlanques, Sublime Rockers

2nd Place: Timothy Lockwood

3rd Place: Dave Kaufmann


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